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Ohio Bioscience Employers

Ohio: Where 1300 Bioscience Firms Call Home. Ohio can definitely boast that it has a wide variety of bioscience companies. Home of inventions such as the famed Foley catheter, the modern-day respiratory mask, and the feline leukemia vaccine, Ohio has a rich history using bioscience to make the lives on humans (and animals) better.

And the inventions just keep coming. Just recently an Ohio-based company released a patented pro-biotic chocolate.

So Many Choices! Where Do I Start?

So, you are sold on the idea that the bioscience industry is a good fit. To help you explore bioscience companies in Ohio, click the Ohio Bioscience Leaders Map to the right. 

You can also  find out who Ohio’s bioscience companies are with the help of BioOhio’s Bioscience Resource Directory.  Click on the link to the right.  The directory is the most comprehensive collection of Ohio companies, organizations, and research centers involved in the biosciences.