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Bioscience Careers

The bioscience industry needs people with a variety of work experiences and education. Bioscience offers terrific jobs and career opportunities, great work environments, pays well and puts you in touch with products that help people.  

  If you like Education
working in teams to discover cutting edge research                                             high school to PhD
working with animals, setting up experiments, collecting, analyzing, and tracking data                                             high school to master’s degree or PhD
details, following procedures, consistency, ensuring safety                                high school diploma to Master’s or PhD
coming up with innovations, solving problems, math and science                  high school diploma to Master’s or PhD
regulations, rules, quality, and documenting things                                             high school to master’s degree
machinery, working indoors, making ideas tangible                                                   2 years experience to a PhD
fixing things, problem solving, keeping equipment in top condition high school to bachelor’s degree 
being strategic, selling, talking with customers, working independently               associate to bachelor’s degree