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The mission of BioOhio is to accelerate bioscience discover, innovation, and commercialization of global value, driving economic growth and improved quality of life in Ohio.

BioOhio, founded in 1987 as Edison BioTechnology Center and formerly Omeris, is a non-profit organization designed to build and accelerate bioscience industry, research and education in Ohio.

Joining BioOhio

BioOhio is the bioscience networking organization in Ohio. Whether you are a bioscience professional, soon-to-be bioscience professional, educator or bioscience company representative, join BioOhio and be on the leading educate of how the industry is growing in Ohio.

As Ohio’s trade association for the bioscience industry, BioOhio is committed to connecting the state’s bioscience professionals, researchers, suppliers, consultants, educators, and students. We pursue this commitment in everything we do, especially in the service we provide our members.

We represent more than 420 members, including many students, educational institutions and industry leaders, throughout Ohio. BioOhio helps member organizations and their employees identify partners, attract investment dollars, save money through affinity purchasing programs, build professional networks, promote news and services, tap into talent sources, and advocate in front of state and local officials.

BioOhio hosts events year-round, including our annual conference, regulatory forum, statehouse reception, as well as socials and career fairs, which boost networking and industry knowledge. Visit the to learn more about the benefits of being a BioOhio Member, and sign up today!