Bioscience is Growing – and Needs You

From life-saving therapies and procedures, to healthier foods or cutting-edge research, you have undoubtedly enjoyed a better quality of life because of bioscience. Expected to grow 20% in the next decade, bioscience companies need to build their workforce.  That is where you come in.     

If you like science and math, working in teams to solve problems and improving people’s lives – then bioscience may be a good fit for you. And while research scientists are an important part of the industry, it’s not just about the white lab coat. There are workers who make the medical devices and drugs of tomorrow, and a sales force to market them. There are technicians to keep the production lines running, and transportation experts to get products to their destinations.

Here are more reasons to look into bioscience careers:

  • Pay is better. Bioscience jobs pay 33% better on the average than typical manufacturing jobs.
  • The jobs are nearly recession-proof. The industry has grown 7% during the last recession
  • Your skills will be in demand. The only thing standing between some bioscience organizations and their growth potential is finding qualified workers.


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